My name is Allison Cairns, and my passion is helping people to realise that they can live a happier and a more conscious life by learning to access the unseen energy within them.

My background is in Finance, working with global corporations mainly in the IT industry. I left my career to spend more time with my family and three wonderful children. As fulfilling as this was, it also caused me to 'lose my identify' which contributed to a loss of self-confidence, self-esteem and even self-worth.

I felt that life was getting so difficult, and things were getting worse and worse until everything around me seemed to crumble apart. That's when I realised that things needed to change. But you don't have to wait until that point before you decide to take your first step.

Learn how energy can affect and influence everything in your life - from your physical health, your emotions and even the clarity of your mind. And I can help you to do this through my online course, my group coaching and healing sessions, or even individually to cater to your specific needs and life circumstances.

Anxiety and Depression

This has had an overall effect on my life - I feel much calmer, more focused and I'm looking deeper within myself as well.

Stress and Anxiety

I am more mindful about negative thoughts and patterns in my life and immediately replace them with something good that won't drain my energy.

Chronic Stress and Anger

Now, whenever I have a negative thought, I can override it with a positive one. I'm 'letting go' a lot more now and am able to walk away.

My name is Allison Cairns and I'm a mindset coach and energy healer.

My life wasn't always working to help others with health and wellbeing. I used to work in Finance where I led a very successful career working in global corporations. So as you can imagine, I'm very analytical and logical.

I actually found energy healing 'by accident' but I believe that this was my wake-up call to my true purpose. I learned the techniques in a very short space of time and now it's my passion to help others to improve their health and fulfil their true potential.

I understand how it feels to be weighed down by stress, anxiety and other negative emotions that could make you feel that there's no way out. I want you to know that there is as way, and it's truly possible to feel great and find happiness in your life!